Strategic communications consultant, writer and coach

Based in Paris, France, I grew up in Hong Kong with a mother from Shanghai and a father from Sydney. This multicultural background, plus a career as a foreign correspondent, public relations expert and strategic science communicator in Asia, Europe and the U.S., has freed me from having a singular worldview, and powers my ability to connect dots in unexpected ways.



















For the past decade, I’ve worked internationally on changing the way scientists connect witpolicymakers and the media, mostly around climate change and sustainability. 

My first career was in the media, reporting on finance and markets across Asia, North America and Europe for Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

I have a Masters degree from Oxford University in Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and I speak English, French, Mandarin and Cantonese.

What I do

I help people and organizations cut to the core of issues they face, frame responses in original and unexpected ways and communicate them strategically and memorably.

Drawing on a career in media, finance, science communications and non-profits, I have a unique approach that combines strategy, communications and foresight. I specialize in working with clients to co-create new perspectives that drive change.

Curious and passionate about the latest trends and practices of the digital transformation, I bring a digital-first mindset to all projects.

I work fast.
I listen well.
And I get results.

What we’ll do

If you are a large or medium-sized organization, I can help you to:

Push your thinking on strategy and communications

Up your game on sustainability and climate to help your organization stand out as a leader in the economic transition

Help you forge a cutting edge strategy that draws on the latest academic debates in climate and sustainability

If you are a small business, entrepreneur or foundation, let’s work together to:

Help you become a category leader in grantmaking and communications by strategic positioning informed by the latest science

Craft winning narratives for your public talks, pitches and slide decks

Develop an impactful book proposal that will position you as a thought leader in your field and help you get more speaking engagements

Current work

Climate Narratives is an independent media project (audio, text and community workshops) that supports, facilitates and develops emerging narratives about change.

New Climate Capitalism is a podcast about change-makers working in finance and climate change.

A finance newsletter for the net zero revolution. Subscribe for analysis & insights into how climate change is transforming finance and economics.

This is a workshop activity that provides a sharing and writing space for small groups to come together and create new climate narratives that are empowering for individuals, that don’t rely on action from higher authorities.

What people are saying

“Denise worked with me to prepare a public talk I gave at a tech conference.  She guided me through the steps to find a clear narrative and structure for my ideas, and gave moral support as well. A real professional who stays calm and focused throughout!”

Jeanne Granger 
CEO of Futur Present Innovation Studio, social entrepreneur 

“Denise is expert at finding the best way to share complex scientific information with policymakers, and she does it whilst retaining the integrity of the underlying science. At our event at the UNFCCC COP23 she ran a successful panel that stimulated lively debate between climate scientists and international policymakers which impressed our EU project funders.” 
Professor Colin Jones 
Head of UK Earth System Modelling (NERC/UK Met Office Hadley Centre), PI EU Horizon 2020 CRESCENDO project
“Denise designed and oversaw the international communications effort for a major international climate science conference in Paris, several months before COP21. Her contribution was invaluable for guaranteeing the international impact of the event. She was always highly competent, open minded and someone who listens carefully.” 
Claire Weill
Senior Advisor at France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and Secretary-General of Our Common Future Climate Change conference

Stay in touch

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